Luminitsa lighting design cover.jpg



A Unique Modern Chandelier

The latest colorful creation by Sergio Mannino Studio is a festive chandelier crafted from lacquered wood, fabric panels, and textile cable.


This Gypsy name, Luminitsa, is derived from the Romanian “lumina” and combined with a diminutive suffix; together meaning 'little light'. Luminitsa is a fanciful gathering of distinct pieces eliciting the spirit and energy found among nomadic caravans.


A crisp linear frame -suggesting both movement and containment- is brilliantly illuminated by 2 bare bulbs. It reflects light while supporting the chandelier’s elemental interplay.  The bulbs are suspended along a vector by whimsical woven cords that casually hang light within the frame.  This glow is contained and directed by carefully tailored fabric panels.  Both vibrant and refined, these panels can migrate within the frame in response to lighting needs.  Subtle details, such as hand stitched button holes, quietly compliment Luminitsa’s overt gestures.